High tech use linked to mental health issues

Sun 26 June 16

Teenagers who use the Internet, social media or electronic games excessively are more likely to experience mental health issues and engage in risk-taking behaviour, research suggests. The survey of almost 3000 Australians aged between 11 and 17 years found 10 per cent used the Internet for more than nine hours a day during the week. On weekends, 12 per cent were online for more than nine hours a day. Telethon Kids Institute senior research analyst Wavne Rikkers says the study found about four per cent of young people—or 78,000 Australians—exhibit problematic behaviour related to the Internet or gaming. “We found very strong links between that [problematic] behaviour and very high levels of psychological distress, suicide attempts and alcohol abuse,” she says. “Whether Click here to continue reading.

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