Tips to dealing with exam weeks

It’s officially exam time for Year 12s across WA this week; here are some simple, straight-forward tips to dealing with exam weeks – good luck!


It is the most important study tool a student has. Sleep refreshes the brain and enables it to process all of the information – routine sleep/waking times are optimal.

Keep running

Exercising boosts the brain’s oxygen levels and hence capabilities to store information. Regular exercise also gives exam students an opportunity to release stress and anxiety, clear their mind and rejuvenate with more energy.

Change your ways

With the majority of study already done (hopefully!) it is time to review and compile information ahead of the exam. Try different techniques to retain information (group discussions with classmates, quizzes with siblings/parents) – regular breaks during every hour of study are essential to refresh the brain and concentration levels.

Don’t forget the hands

Using a stress ball while studying and before exams can help to exercise hand muscles to cope with long periods of writing in an exam situation. Another trick is to weight the pen with a small object attached to it while studying/writing notes or practice essays – this makes the hand work harder to write and the muscles to accommodate. When it’s time to complete the exam the weight is removed and the writing hand, used to the added weight and push of the pen, finds it easier to write for a longer period.

Disconnect from distraction

If parents haven’t set ground rules already students should give themselves their own to minimise distraction from social media and group chats irrelevant to exams.

Timetable your days

A study timetable helps to organise thinking and relieve anxiety about spending too much/too little time on one subject over another. It also helps to remind students to take regular breaks (and meals) to refresh and regain energy levels.

Celebrate the end and relax

Students should give themselves a chance to reflect on each completed exam,  celebrate their best efforts in each one and find ways to relax the mind and body before their next study session.