Biddulph’s 21st Century tips to raising boys

Steve Biddulph has guided generations of parents through the parenting minefield, from dealing with energy-fuelled boys to anxious teens – his name is synonymous with research into the minds of boys.

More than 20 years since his international bestseller Raising Boys hit bookshops, Biddulph has published Raising Boys in the 21st Century this month – adding up-to-date research, insight and tips for parents today.

The added content looks at a range of subjects relevant to boys, including;

  • Gender
  • Brain and hormonal development (including latest testosterone research)
  • Boys and crying
  • Reading and communication
  • Countering the effects of porn

Speaking to ABC’s Night Life presenter Philip Clark last week, Biddulph said the notion of growing a strong, confident boy was always at the forefront of parents minds, but as society has changed over the past 50-100 years so too have parenting styles.

“We still want strong, confident boys growing up – we want strong as in backbone, but we also want heart too,” Biddulph said.

“Right now, the world badly needs good men. Your boy can be one of those who grow up so much better, and help to heal the world. Thank you for joining the boy revolution. As the 21st century rolls on, it’s badly needed. Enjoy your boy, love him well, and set him free to fly in his own special way.” – Steve Biddulph

He said parents of boys were struggling today with the use of social media, technology and the prevalence of accessible porn – none of which were major issues when his original book was published.

“There is a tsunami of pornography, and with social media and the internet in general – there are new problems for parents to tackle,” he said.

He said parents needed to have conversations with their boys as young as eight years of age, as incidental exposure to pornography was happening with access to smartphones and tablets.

“They have to be talking about that… the other part is addiction that is the worry [for older boys], its exposure and prolonged exposure that’s the problem and it starts changing the brain.”

He said parents need to implement measures in an effort to stop this by not allowing devices (smartphones, tablets, computers etc.) in bedrooms.

“It is designed to be addictive… our parents gave us the big sex talk when we reached a certain age, now we have to have the big porn talk – what do we say?”

For the latest research, information and tips to raising boys check out Biddulph’s Raising Boys in the 21st Century – available now.