Boys Education

Boys learn by seeing and doing. Boys generally do not learn as well through listening – it is something boys and men have to work at!

The physical connection between the male body and brain causes boys to learn best when they are on the move. From an early age, boys are already interested in the world around them. Anything that moves attracts a boy’s interest and being able to touch and be involved in physical activities such as running and jumping keeps male brains developing in healthy ways which promote learning.

To encourage a boy’s natural learning style, provide opportunities for him to use his energy to learn. Letting him explore, touch and manipulate will help him develop the skills he will need to be successful in school and the learning process.

Being active is a great part of being a boy!
For example, when you read to a boy – and you need to do that a lot – let him move or play with his toys while he listens. Occasionally ask him what the story is about and surprisingly he will be able to tell you. Being able to move might be helping his comprehension.

Boys tend to be more physically active and prefer hands-on learning, whereas young girls are more likely to succeed sitting at a desk, reading, writing and listening for longer periods of time.
When boys are engaged in education they have to be challenged in their learning but in ways that enables them to find learning easy. For a boy to sit still during a lesson in which the teacher talks for much of it will mean that effective learning will not be happening. Boys will be looking out of the window for something to watch or wriggling in their seats not taking in what they need to do the task effectively.