Recommended Books

Below is a list of books we like.


He’ll Be OK

Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men, Celia Lashlie, Harper Collins Australia, 2007

How do you make sure he’ll be OK? What do you do to ensure he is safe, understands right from wrong and makes decisions which lead to success in life? Celia Lashlie has provided some of the answers in her frank look at the world boys are growing up in, the pressures they face and the demands placed on them. Having spent years working the prison system, Lashlie has first-hand knowledge of the impact wrong choices can have on boys’ lives. She also has a son and provides practical advice to parents about raising empowered, happy sons.


Raising Boys

Why Boys are Different and How to Help Them Become Happy and Well-Balanced Men, Steve Biddulph, Celestial Arts 1998

This international best-selling text provides practical information about boys – from birth to manhood. Renowned psychologist Steve Biddulph offers parents a hands-on guide to raising their sons, offering advice on boys’ needs and wants as they progress on their journey from boys to men. His wealth of knowledge on the subject is expressed in an easy-to-read format which gives parents a guide to understanding their sons’ behaviours and developmental needs.


Boy Oh Boy

How to Raise and Educate Boys, Tim Hawkes, Pearson Education, 2001

Tim Hawkes provides practical strategies aimed at improving the education of boys. This book offers readers well-researched methods to help boys reach their potential. It also provides common sense ideas to assist teachers and parents dealing with boys who are struggling.


Raising Cain

Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys, Daniel J Kindlon & Michael Thompson, Ballantine Books, 2000

Leading American child psychologists Kindlon and Thompson ask “what do boys need that they are not getting?”. The book uses case studies and research to piece together what is going wrong and highlight what needs to be done to help boys conquer emotional challenges in their lives.

“We hope that Raising Cain will guide our readers, women and men, on a journey into the souls of boys – a journey that reveals how boys suffer, how they love, and most of all, how often they remain emotionally illiterate in the pursuit of a caricature of strong, silent masculinity” (Kindlon, D & M Thompson, 2000).


Growing Great Boys

Ian Grant, Doubleday 2008

Ian Grant showcases his expertise in parenting by providing practical advice and information about raising boys in this text. He highlights the importance of appreciating boys as individuals with unique personalities. The book gives readers tips on parenting techniques to help boys to find and reach their goals in life.


Secret Mens Business

John Marsden, Pan MacMillan 1998

Teenage author John Marsden presents an open and honest account of everything boys need to know on their path to success as young men. The book is a how-to guide for boys, teaching them important relationship, problem solving and communication skills. While Steve Biddulph caters to parents, Marsden speaks directly to boys about everything they ever wanted to know about becoming men.


What’s Happening to our Boys?

At Risk: How the New Technologies, Drugs and Alcohol, Peer Pressure and Porn Affect Our Boys, Maggie Hamilton, Penguin Group Australia, 2010

How does the contemporary high-pressured world boys are growing up in affect their self-esteem, aspirations, values and attitudes? Maggie Hamilton explores how the fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyle of today’s youth is affecting the development and social conscience of boys. Following on from What’s Happening to our Girls?, Hamilton discusses important issues affecting boys in today’s world and how parents and educators can work to create a positive future for them.


Why Gender Matters

What parents and teachers need to know about the emerging science of sex differences, Leonard Sax, Broadway Books, 2005

Frustrated by your son always using the excuse “he didn’t hear you”? The answer may well be, he clearly didn’t. Girls are born with more sensitive hearing than boys, which increases with age. A boy who may seem inattentive may just not be able to hear a softer voice trying to speak to him. Dr Leonard Sax leads parents on a path of discovery, identifying key biological differences in the way the sexes act, think and feel in Why Gender Matters. He offers parents gender-specific tips as well as broad-based information to help them with their child’s development. Dr Sax encourages parents to push the constraints of gender stereotypes, while also asking them to understand the physical, biological differences between the sexes.


It’s a Boy

Women writers on raising sons, Andrea Buchanan (ed), Seal Press, 2005

When editor Andrea Buchanan was pregnant with her second child she was astounded by the remarks of friends and strangers about the differences between girls and boys, such as “boys are wonderful…they love their mothers differently than girls”. And with these constant comments, this book of essays about raising boys was born. Written by professional writers and mothers, this often-humorous collection provides an honest account of what raising a boy is all about.


How do you Tuck in a Superhero

And other delightful mysteries of raising boys, Rachel Balducci, Revell, 2010

This hilarious, honest account of raising enough sons to field a basketball team will have parents marvelling at the complexity of their sons – sweet one minute, climbing out the window and onto the roof the next. All Rachel Balducci wants is some lawn to impress her friends and family when she entertains, but with five boys she’s resigned to the fact her yard will look like a bomb site until they leave home. She details the joy and at times craziness of raising boys, using her experiences and conversations with and between her sons to provide this laugh-out-loud account of growing boys.